switchgrass biofuel disadvantages

Fossil fuels are formed from coal, petroleum or natural gas. “The research suggests that growing switchgrass for ethanol can be a highly sustainable system,” says Marty Schmer, agronomist, Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Mandan, North Dakota. Biofuel Source: Interest in switchgrass as a renewable biofuel resource has been increasing in recent years, primarily in the Southern United States. John Davis of Blount County, Tennessee said “There is no way, shape, fashion or form that I could produce any legal crop that could make me that much money” (Taken from Bizjournals) As we can see, switchgrass is an extremely profitable grass to grow as a biofuel in the agriculture and farming sector as it is easy to maintain, and it will not take away from any food production. The use of fertilizers to enhance production leads to the emission of Nitrous Oxide into the atmosphere. 600,000 tonnes per year). Biochemical Conversion: In cases of corn grain and sweet sorghum stalks, sugars are directly fermented to ethanol … This would help the government and citizens of Canada. I have a group of various people with me today who will be sharing their various perspectives with using switchgrass as a biofuel. The process used to ferment the sugars in switchgrass to ethanol is called enzymatic hydrolysis.

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