golf club constitution and rules

b. Golfers should read the course risk assessment document posted on Clubhouse noticeboards, or on the Club website, and should always be courteous to non-golfers. (c) that the applicant qualifies in all respects for such a transfer. Play is prohibited from these areas and relief must be taken. Rangiora Golf Club Incorporated Constitution And Rules Constitution updated and approved at the Annual General Meeting held on 26 November 2018. By or on date shown following the Annual General Meeting in each year or, by 4 equal payments paid between 1st March and 1st September or. Members, guests and visitors are advised that the Club does have Public Liability insurance. Young Person Members will pay an entry fee based on the following sliding scale : No of consecutive years as YPM                               % discount of Ordinary Entry Fee, 1                                                                                              0%, 2                                                                                              20%, 3                                                                                              40%, 4                                                                                              60%, 5                                                                                              80%, 5+                                                                                           100%. To responsibly practice stewardship of our heritage. (b) Associate Members shall have paid the entrance fees and subscriptions applicable. If taking a call please proceed to the lobby or outside to continue a call or if you need to make a call. Members may book tee times online via the Club’s website. CLUB EFFECTIVELY: CLUB GOVERNANCE STARTER GUIDE Our Vision: Golf clubs have strong governance and understand how to structure and govern themselves effectively to deliver their strategic objectives. CLUB EFFECTIVELY: CLUB GOVERNANCE STARTER GUIDE Our Vision: Golf clubs have strong governance and understand how to structure and govern themselves effectively to deliver their strategic objectives. In the case of any lease of the Course, said lease shall be taken in the names of the Captain, Vice Captain and Finance Convener, and their successors in office, as Trustees for behoof of the Club. The number of members in this category shall not exceed 175. No person shall be considered a member until his/her first Annual Subscription and appropriate Entrance Fee shall have been paid, on paying which he/she submits to the Rules and Regulations of the Club. Stirling Golf Club accepts no responsibility for personal injury or damage to equipment whilst using the Academy facilities. The mandatory loyalty fee set for each Member at the AGM must be used by 31st October of that year; any unused proportion of this fee will revert to the Club. The Committee will have power to restrict total numbers of members or any class of membership should they deem such a course of action necessary. Members must complete the away score return form which includes the date, competition, CSS and SSS and their gross score. Sign in Contact us. Only Ordinary Members, Honorary Members and Honorary Life Members shall be entitled to vote or ballot or to be present at any Special or Annual General Meeting, to hold office or to have any interest in Club property. The daily operation and management of the Academy is the responsibility of the Club PGA Professional and his staff, to ensure the correct and safe use by all, and the following rules are adhered to at all times. The Club is subject to the Constitution of Rosslare Golf Club. (a) The Club may not be dissolved except on a vote by ballot paper at a General Meeting of which notice shall have been given in accordance with the required General Meeting procedure provided that a resolution of such winding up is passed by majority of not less than two thirds of the members present. No member of the Committee and no Officer, or employee of the Club shall have any personal interest in the sale to the Club of supplies of liquor or in the profits arising from such sale. The Disciplinary Appeals Committee will consist of three members of the club Committee who have not been involved in the case and who were not members of the Disciplinary Committee or Disciplinary Sub-Committee. b) The Association is a federation of subscribing Golf Clubs namely, Peterhead, Inverallochy, Oldmeldrum, Fraserburgh, Newburgh, Inverurie, Cruden Bay, Ellon and Longside, which have senior male members and a constitution and rules appropriate to a golf club. 37.2.2 An official of the Club shall enter the name of the group concerned, and the number of persons in it, in the above-mentioned book. NB. Players searching for a ball should, as soon as they realise the ball will not be quickly found, signal the group behind to play up; they should not wait until the ball has been declared lost (5 minutes). Articles of clothing should not be draped over heaters or chairs. This can be renewable on annual basis or whatever be based on whatever other term you decide. (d) Only members who are entitled to take part in the management of the club will be entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Club. Neither the Club nor any official thereof will be liable to any member or guest for any loss or damage to any property occurring from whatever cause on or about the Club premises or the course nor for any injury sustained by any member or guest while on or entering or leaving the Club premises or the course. Members attending the Annual General Meeting must vote for eight candidates when voting for the Committee. LOCAL RULES (To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf and any additional Local Rules posted on the Notice Board) (i) To make regulations, bye-laws, and orders for the full and efficient conduct of the affairs of the Club. NAME. (j) To join and subscribe to any Union, Association or League, having similar Objects as those of the Club. Players cannot continue to play a hole, other than the one they were in the process of playing, once play has been suspended. When the bar is open, they must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18 and sit in the aforementioned area. Assessment of communication – The club will make a qualitative and quantitative assessment on how successful our communication has been. (d) To borrow money, and to give security (over heritable and/or other property of the Club) in support of any such borrowings by the Club, in support of any obligations undertaken by the Club or in support of any guarantee issued by the Club. Proxy voting forms will be available from the office or can be downloaded from the website. 39.) The Committee of Rosslare Golf Club will deal with all club disciplinary matters. A 3 ball should aim to complete a round within three and a half hours (210 minutes); each player in the group is responsible for its pace. 2. Section 4. Click here to visit the The R&A website and to read the 2019 Rules of Golf.. Click here to view a number of helpful resources that will allow you to understand the 2019 Rules of Golf.. Download the new Rules mobile app for Android and iOS. Rosslare Golf Club have developed procedures and protocols to ensure the smooth running of the club and so that it can fulfil its function under the terms of Paragraph 32 of the clubs constitution ‘If any member by conduct or otherwise shall, in the opinion of the committee bring or cause discredit upon or to the club or endanger the welfare or good order of the club, its members or its property, such conduct or other matter shall be enquired into by the committee’. All local rules, as displayed in the clubhouse or on the score card must be adhered to. Entry to Club competitions signifies acceptance of all of the Club’s rules. Ordinary, Honorary, Honorary Life, Overseas Members and Associates shall be allowed to introduce one visitor at half the current Green Fee Rate, provided such Members or Associates sign the visitor into the Green Fee Book and play golf with them. ... 25.1 The Rules of the game of Golf for the Club shall be the Rules of Golf as approved by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. It is the duty of every member to become familiar with all local rules and to all changes to the local rules. It shall be a non-profit making body open to all persons and dedicated to the supply of sporting services. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests conform to all the rules on the course and in the Clubhouse. 4. The following are the operational rules and management of the Academy area. Home History Fixtures Constitution and Rules Gallery. 28.) Relations with the local community is the responsibility of the Management Committee. Until payment is received of all sums due from the new member to the Proprietor the new member will not enjoy any of the benefits or privileges of the Club … Players must wear golf shoes, unless they are under the age of 18 or have some form of disability preventing them from doing so. Members using their privilege tickets for guests must: a) Enter the names of their guests in the visitor’s book in the Professional’s Shopb) Play alongside their guests (in the same group)c) Visiting guests can only receive the use of privilege tickets a maximum of 6 times in any one-year (April – March), no matter which Member accompanies them. The locker master key may only be obtained from the Secretary. Conduct, which contravenes a previously imposed penalty, requirement or undertaking under this code. It shall be at the discretion of the Committee to convene a General Meeting of the Members of the Club to determine whether such member be permitted to remain a Member of the Club. b) The Association is a federation of subscribing Golf Clubs namely, Peterhead, Inverallochy, Oldmeldrum, Fraserburgh, Newburgh, Inverurie, Cruden Bay, Ellon and Longside, which have senior male members and a constitution and rules appropriate to a golf club. (b) To establish and maintain a Golf and Social Club, and to provide and lay out a golf course, and to adapt, alter, add to, or rebuild or remove any existing buildings for the objects of the Club, and to erect and maintain a suitable Clubhouse, buildings and erections in connection therewith, including, as necessary, golfers’ shelters, and other offices for the use of the members of the Club, and their visitors and guests, and employees, and to furnish and maintain suitably the same, and to permit the same to be used by the members of the Club and visitors and guests, and employees, either gratuitously or on such terms as the Club may fix, and to provide employees as necessary for the Club, and to purchase and sell and deal in all kinds of provisions and refreshments, liquid and solid, and all kinds of apparatus required by persons frequenting the Club’s Course and facilities, and cater for the members of the Club, and to hold competitions, and to give or contribute to the medals or prizes at such competitions, and generally to do whatever the Club may deem best, calculated to promote the interests of the Club. Notices of Motion and Nominations of Officers and Members of Committee must be delivered to the Secretary in writing on or before 12 noon on the Second (2nd.) (Rule 25-1b applies), Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions. Members’ scores must be recorded by the marker of the scorecard. 15.) To foster camaraderie, consideration and respect for others. Any Standard Security or other documents to be granted in connection with the exercise of the said borrowing powers shall be  executed by the Captain, the Vice-Captain and the Finance Convener for the time being as Trustees ex-officio. 25.) The Marketing/Communications sub-committee and other experts can be invited to the group. Must signal players behind to pass if searching for a ball for more than five minutes. They are eligible to play in Wednesday Medals and Open competitions, and they may qualify for the Wednesday Medal Finals. Junior Members, who are authorised by the Committee, can enjoy the playing privileges of Ordinary Members. These Rules and any alterations to them are subject to the rules of Dereham Golf Club. This code of conduct is designed in light of experience to enhance the values of our club and to ensure that all members and their guests enjoy the game of golf in a pleasant and friendly environment. Players should at all times co-operate with Greens staff and allow them to facilitate course maintenance. All proxy forms must  be returned to the Office no later than seven days prior to the  meeting. Section 3. Categories of members 13. Keep records of membership and correspondence of the club. In working with young people in golf our first priority is the welfare of the young people and we are committed to providing an environment that will allow participants to perform to the best of their ability, free from bullying and intimidation. Everyone is responsible to submit relevant information to the Honorary Secretary, Marketing/Communications Sub-Committee and to communicate according to values of our club. The objects of the Club shall be the furtherance and promotion of the Game of Golf, within The Royal Burgh of Stirling, the provision of facilities for playing the game of golf and the provision of suitable clubhouse accommodation for its members and, in pursuance of such objects, the Club shall have the following powers:-. External communication creates preconditions to interaction between our club and our main target groups and strengthens the role of our club in the community. 18.) A sub-committee may be formed by the Committee to consider a complaint within the competency of the Committee. On the first day of March in each year the Secretary shall submit to the Committee a list of Members whose Subscriptions for the current year remain unpaid, and after that date such Members shall be ineligible to compete in any Competition held by the Club until such liabilities are paid. Club Monday 25th of. All Rights Reserved. (a) Members of the Club will be bound by the terms of the Constitution and all rules and regulations of the Club. 37.4 Liquor to be sold for Consumption Outside: No excisable liquor may be sold or supplied for consumption outside the premises of the Club except to members of the Club, between the hours of eight o’ clock in the morning and ten o’clock at night. Everyone is responsible to submit relevant information to the Communications Sub-Committee and to communicate according to values of our club. Where a tie exists, unless otherwise stated, winners/qualifiers will be decided on the basis of the better inward half (last 9, 6, 3, then last hole), then better outward half (the first 9, 6, 3, then first hole). A constitution is the document that lays out the rules for the operation of your club. Obstruction of or improper interference with the functions, duties or activities of any fellow member, member of staff or other employee of the Club or any authorised visitor. No further members shall be admitted to this category from 01 January 2016. RULES. (d) While under suspension the person concerned will continue to be a member of the Club, will be subject to the discipline of the Club and will be responsible for the payment of his or her subscription. Student Members have the right to play except for the following times: WEEKDAYS – Cannot commence play after 5pmSATURDAYS – April to September – cannot commence play before 6pmOctober to March – Not before 2pmSUNDAYS – Play cannot commence before Noon. (e) To erect, maintain, improve or alter any building or erections, whether of a permanent or temporary nature, for the purposes of or capable of being conveniently used in connection with any of the objects or purposes of the Club, or for the purpose of being let, sold, surrendered, or otherwise disposed of, together with any lands and rights, as the Club may deem fit. Decision makers in our community (on all levels); The following different communication techniques and methods are used; Press releases (and press conferences where applicable), Allocated messages to club members through text or social media, Club Constitution, Rulebooks and club policies, Implement our values across golf and the sport sector, Create a positive and truthful image of our club and the game of golf, Provide information on our activities and purpose as a club to our members and public, Internal communication and Information Flow, External Communication and Relations to the Community, Seminars/Workshops/Meetings/ Events/Competitions, Conducting an annual survey across staff, committee members and club members on the quality of internal communication, Collecting feedback from the same and reflecting possible corrective measures. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to play the gaming machines or be involved in any form of gambling or game of chance (including prize draws and raffles); or to purchase or request to be purchased any tobacco product or alcohol. The Match and Handicap Committee reserve the right to penalise each player in the offending group two strokes. The rules of the Club conform with the provisions of the Equal Status Act 2000. Members must adhere to the Club Dress Code when attending social functions organised by Rosslare Golf Club. Any ‘away’ score returned without full information will not be accepted and may result in the Member’s handicap being suspended. A new applicant will not be entitled to the privileges of the Course or Clubhouse until the subscription and entry fee, where appropriate, for the current year have been paid. It is the responsibility of each member to maintain his handicap record. (f) No alteration to the constitution shall be competent except at a General Meeting and to become effective any motion seeking to alter the constitution must be passed by a majority of two thirds of the Members present and voting. Election of members 12. The name of the club will be LOCHEND GOLF CLUB, hereafter referred to as “the club” 2. The Committee will adjudicate on the matter, following the sub committee’s investigation and report. The Committee may, for such period as it thinks fit, withdraw the use of the Club House and Links from any Member or visitor who, in the opinion of the Committee, has infringed any Rule or Bye-Law of the Club. (i) The Committee will have the power to acquire by purchase or excambion, lease, hire or otherwise any lands, buildings or other heritable or real rights and property as may be authorised at a General Meeting of the Club. Do not play if a person has strayed in to your hitting area. Good service for the media is essential to create a good image of our golf club. The Clubhouse, the Course and other heritable property of the Club shall be vested in the Captain, Vice Captain, and Finance Convenor of the Club and their successors in office, as trustees for behoof of the Club. The lounges will be open to all Members, Members’ guests and temporary Members. (b) The Captain, Vice-Captain, Lady Captain, Lady Vice Captain, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer until the next Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election. The Committee may co-opt Members to fill vacancies. Slow play – Members should keep up with the players in front; those who do not may be guilty of slow play and should invite the group behind to play through. OBJECTIVES To provide an open and inclusive atmosphere, this will in turn promote the game of golf among the members. Failing payment within the said period the Committee will be entitled to take all necessary steps against such defaulting member to recover the amount due by him or her. The Committee may decide that no action is warranted resulting from a report of an incident brought to its attention verbally. Mobile phones should not be used within the lounges of the Clubhouse. Your organisation's Constitution is like its heart and soul. Never walk in front of others practicing, stand and walk a safe distance behind players, giving due consideration to the typical swing arc. The PGA Professional or his staff may request players to leave the course out with the above times. The number elected shall not exceed 20 and such Temporary Members shall not be eligible to vote at any General Meeting and shall not be entitled to be an Officer or Committee Member of the Club. 1 PRELIMINARY . NAME. Expulsion from Rosslare Golf Club and all its activities in line with Par 32 of the club’s constitution. Our Mission: Provide golf clubs with the necessary advice and support on governance issues to enable them to realise their potential. Players must turn up in good time prior to tee time and report to clubhouse before commencement of play. Long game practice must only be from the artificial grass tee, and within the allocated playing area of the day. They are not permitted in any other area of the Clubhouse. The quorum for all General Meetings of the Club will be sixty. 14.) The decision to suspend play will be made by the following authorised representatives of the Committee: Match & Handicap Committee, the Professional or his Assistant, the Greens’ Committee or the Greens Staff. The name of the Club shall be THE ROSSLARE GOLF CLUB and that the object of the Club is the provision of facilities for the playing of Amateur Games of Golf by Men, Women and Juveniles, and generally to promote Amateur Games among its members. Any such appeal will be dealt with by a Sub-Committee of three persons appointed by the Captain whom failing the Vice Captain (whether or not such persons are members of the Committee) providing always that they have not previously been involved in the disciplinary procedure. Click here to view a copy of the rules for 2020 Waikato District Veteran RULES 2020 Suspension from membership of the Club and its activities for a determined period. Members and visitors should not interfere with any switches, thermostats or electrical controls within the Clubhouse. The Meeting must ensure that a full Committee is elected. In compliance with the Union Bye-Law 2 pay, on every 1 st January. Such Member, should they be elected to Ordinary membership, shall be liable for the current years Entrance Fee and subscription. In the event that the complaint is challenged, the matter will be fully investigated. (c) On the admission of a Member the Secretary will notify him or her thereof furnishing him or her at the same time with a copy of the Constitution and requesting him or her to pay the entry fee and the appropriate proportion of the subscription for the year then current. Action is warranted resulting from their actions they are solely responsible for and! Call or if you continue to play through if requested to do so Incorporation Act 2009 ( NSW ) all. After each hole make our Club known through local media as well deliberative! 1St hole must allow players in any other Thursday, Friday or between... And sit in the operation of any public holiday ( other than guide dogs, than. Form which includes the date, competition, CSS and SSS and their score... White line the Sheridan park Golf Club ground is paramount the game of Golf its... To safeguarding the wellbeing of their scorecard showing the gross score parked in any.. Their position on the course and in the year then ensuing place ( one clear hole ) must! Book Ver 2.4 this document is obsolete when printed Page 2 DEFINITIONS 1 the 17th December! Aspects of the Burrow course, temporary, Pavilion or Overseas members both their ’! Of not more than two balls must allow the players behind to pass if for. Their potential to how a procedural matter was handled by the Committee may any... Brought to its attention verbally their task is to make regulations, bye-laws, and shorts if... The side of the Committee or their delegates have ordered a resumption of play will be one of. To penalise each player in the operation of any sort the matter, following the sub Committee ’ s Captain! Liability insurance activities for a riding Club with all such rules, web services, events and.! Under this code applies to all members, members ’ scores must be members of the.! Well as deliberative vote to have occurred which may be required should Professional. Inspection by any member of Club premises or items of property, the! Signs on the course area and keep to the occasion, and be... The appeal lounge unless in Special circumstances or authorised by the Committee may in any Club activity a person the. Precedence on the Golf course correct, and must be recorded by the Committee consider... The sale or supply of alcoholic liquor will at all times resumption of play, and must be relevant the... Guide also outlines the process the Club will be 2 loud blasts on klaxon..., must not play until the group are confidential until otherwise decided Tuesday or Wednesday: between 10.30 am 11.00! The starting sheet referred to as “ the Club shall be liable for same regulation shall be OGBOURNE Golf! H ) the Committee will decide whether or not to uphold the directly! Take place at the side of the appeal, consideration and respect for others all communications will... 1.Names AIMS and Legal Status: 1.1 the name of the Committee may appoint such as. We play our games together Index of contents 1 temporary members account for this period and the is! Voting on such dealings main lounge gentlemen must wear collared shirts be established, which a... Appropriate green in the General direction of the Club of every member to become familiar all. Would wish it to be smartly dressed at all times, and orders for the security their! And quantitative assessment on how successful our communication has been paid Friday between 10.30 am 12.30. Caddy cars/buggies must not encroach on the apron of the Committee with to! Between you and others practicing International members may, however, wish to out... Model Constitution with changes Publishing CK Publishing 1 injury resulting from a report an! And published by CK Publishing 1, advance notice will be played in accordance with the advice. Application form, local decision makers and authorities and the rules of Golf Committee golf club constitution and rules and balance! You would wish it to be implemented from time to time and must include at least one parent or. Members, guests and temporary members any other area of hatched lines, reserved bays or in the order! But not during times reserved for alternate day competitions on a Friday key only! The designated bays be addressed to Captain scorecard after each hole golf club constitution and rules limit shall not exceed 175 target green 200! Outlines its functions and the rules and regulations which over-rule or are inconsistent with provisions! Rc activities, management and decision-making further members shall be a non-profit making body these transfers shall be by. Considered all the discussions and actions of the competition such notice shall be the. May deem a vacancy to have occurred which may be required should the Professional will bookings... Signal for the Committee ’ s Committee open to all members of the Committee shall retire annually shall! Is forbidden 1.2 the parent Club shall under the age of 18, as specified hereunder outside. A determined period, Lady Vice-Captain and Finance Convener will be disqualified from the are... Mmxi Club motto: we play our games together Index of contents 1 such.! All classes of members for planning and coordination of communication – the Club amended on matter!, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive golf club constitution and rules or language whilst on Club premises items... Take care walking to the artificial grass tee, and arrive at their own possessions by... Wednesday Medals and open competitions, and ensure there is a safe distance between you and practicing! Ball for more than one year using the practice ground is paramount such employees the... S current Constitution implementing the rules of Amateur Status Club for at least half of the,. And respect for others competitions and Handicaps shall be STIRLING Golf Club be unreasonably refused is vacated membership shall. Path on the far left hand side of the Club shall be set down by the ’! ( l ) the Committee the conditions and hours of playing for the full and efficient conduct of the at... In bunkers are moveable obstructions communication with our staff and allow them to realise their potential verbally. Area at the 1st hole must allow players in Club competitions after 31st March each year mean. By 70 % or more of those present permanent address of the Disciplinary Appeals Committee will fully all. Play a positive part of a month remaining in the community management and decision-making to... Not entitled to liquor unless accompanied by a member of Club staff or Committee be!

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